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Winners of the 2020 NeuroTechX Student Club Competition

NeuroTechX (NTX) runs a student club competition each year. Winners were announced recently and all 3 winners used OpenBCI for their projects.

Winners of the 2020 NeuroTechX Student Club Competition:

  1. McGill NeuroTech (EMGeyboard) –CTRL labs like EMG keyboard — McGill University
  2. PolyCortex (Polydodo) — sleep analyzing tool — Polytechnique Montreal
  3. MINT (JellyFish & MENTHA) — adjustable EEG headset with unique electrodes — The University of British Columbia (UBC)

More info on the overall competition here: 

We’re thrilled to see a generation of undergraduate students that learned neuroscience using OpenBCI hardware, who are contributing to human-computer interface (HCI) innovation with their own creations!

Do what inspires you.

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