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We are participating in a Japanese hardware contest with OpenBCI’s EEG device!

Hello EEG enthusiasts!

We’re entering a domestic hardware contest with our Cyton EEG meter, which we have arranged with modifications to the Ultracortex housing and electrodes!!

We used fluorescent paint so that the electrode part glows in the dark.
(Now you won’t be afraid to walk down the street at night)

Also, to improve the handling of the electrode part, we are building a model that imitates a Japanese “Torii” gate.By simply holding and turning the knob, the electrode can be fixed in place while retracted. Convenient for mounting.

All that remains is to put on the afro.

If you find this effort interesting, I’d encourage you to support it by clicking the heart-marked button on the page!

Also, the process of creation is listed in my Instagram story.
I’m Japanese, but I’ve put them in English, if you’d like to take a look!

Thanks for reading!!

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