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Watch the Varjo x OpenBCI Insight Session

Live-streamed from the Varjo HQ, we discuss how the combined power of neural biosensors and VR/XR technology is creating a deeper understanding of the human body and mind.


Conor Russomanno, Co-Founder and CEO at OpenBCI
Eva Esteban, Embedded Software Engineer at OpenBCI
Urho Konttori, Co-Founder and CTO at Varjo

The experts shared their thoughts on:

  • What brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are and how they work
  • What kind of synchronized data can be collected from the body by using head-mounted displays (HMD)
  • What extended reality technologies and biosensors mean for the future of computing
  • How OpenBCI’s Galea bridges virtual reality and mixed reality with neurotechnology in a single device 
  • Using OpenBCI Galea’s innovations today in real-life neurofeedback applications such research, simulation, and gaming

Thanks to the 1000+ registrants for participating and contributing questions, including –

With 8 EEG channels can you infer the activation of specific brain areas? Could you develop Galea specific scripts for the EEG analysis? How many EEG electrodes are there on the Galea beta?

Find answers to these and many more questions in the Follow-up Blog

Above, demo footage of Galea’s multi-modal biosensing + virtual reality environment. More in the YouTube video.

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