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Using OpenBCI GUI’s Focus Widget to Harness Alpha and Beta Waves


At BrainBar Budapest 2018, OpenBCI demonstrated an application of the focus widget, harnessing Alpha and Beta brainwaves to direct a flying shark.

Shark Demo

Brainwaves were obtained via the Ultracortex Mark IV Headset and streamed to the OpenBCI GUI using the OpenBCI Cyton Board. The Widgets below are included in the GUI.

The Focus widget displays the visualized summation of Alpha and Beta waves, giving feedback on your focus. With concentration, you can keep the yellow lines in the range indicated by the narrow, vertical blue line, allowing you to control the path of the shark.

Focus Widget

The Head Plot widget shows the concentration in the frontal cortex.


Want to try it out for yourself? Email [email protected] or check out our GUI tutorial here:

More in-depth instruction here:

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