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Tufts University Senior Design Project: EEG Headset for VR/AR Research




Printing TPU parts

  • Find our part files on Github
  • You may need a 3D printer that works with TPU and has a bed large enough to print the electrode straps OR outsource the parts elsewhere

Assembling the Headset

  • Measure:
    • 2 pieces of elastic band: (1) ~37 cm and (2) ~47 cm
    • 2 velcro strips: (1) 10 cm and (2) 13 cm
  • Pull elastic band through TPU earpiece slots (see image)
  • Sew elastic and velcro strips together accordingly
  • Attach an 8-32 bolt through hole in ear slot – with the body of the screw pointing away from your head
  • Layer TPU straps over the bolt with a washer & a nut – place front most band first (on bottom), then middle strap (on top)
  • Tighten the nuts to secure the straps
  • Thread wire through holes in the TPU straps to connect them to the third band
  • Slot the snap electrodes through the holes in each TPU strap
  • Adjust headset to each specific user

By Katie Castor, Emmy Daro, & Athena Ohnemus

Special thanks to Tufts University Department of Mechanical Engineering and MERL

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