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Recent Additions to the OpenBCI Published Research Collection

Papers newly added to the Collection include:

“Playing Games with Implicit Human Feedback” and

“Extending Battery Life for BCI Wearables using a Lightweight Wake-Up Command”

Both were published by researchers at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Fantastic work!

Key insights from “Extending Battery Life…” –

“While OpenBCI is a research-friendly BCI platform, it is also a consumer-grade wearable headset that competes against the other commercial platforms. Vourvopoulos et al. compared OpenBCI with Emotiv, in terms of signal quality (classification accuracy) and usability (comfort, appearance, ease of setup), and found OpenBCI to be similar to that of EPOC+ and other wearable headsets. The critical reason that we did not use any of the other headsets as the experimental platform is that their firmware is not open source, and they do not have developer APIs to flash the firmware.”

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