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Project Laish

What is Project Laish?

Laish, in biblical terms, stands for a Lion. Project Laish is a bold venture into the field of using brain thoughts to control physical objects.

Our work in short will be with the following principles in mind:

1) Open Source– So that the research data and insights learnt can be used for further improvements in the field

2) Systematic– We will aim to begin with the most feasible proof of concept, and gradually refine that towards more broader applications.

3) Bold and Impactful– We will keep very high goals, yet strive towards implimenting them in reality.

How will OpenBCI equipment be used?

As a brief timeline, we plan to use the equipment as follows:

1.) The 16Ch UltraCortex Mark IV will be used to gather EEG data. The EEG data intially will be generated through Steady state visually evoked potentials (SSVEP) using appropriate software (We plan to collaborate with and NTX India).

This data would then be used to implement an appropriate action based on the Visual Stimulus detected through the EEG.

In essence, our initial goal is to use a tablet/Laptop to evoke these visual stimuli, which then get detected by the UltraCortex and passed on to an Arduino to control motors and move a wheelchair in the appropriate direction wirelessly.

2.) The next plan is to move from evoked to non evoked stimuli. We plan to use structured mental imagery and gather more EEG data using the NeuroCortex from multiple subjects, pass it through an appropriate AI algorithm and eventually “read thoughts” to perform the appropriate action- from turning on your table fan, to turning off a lightbulb- just by thinking about the actions.

This would imply a long time frame of atleast a year or two, to reach a dataset that would provide an adequate level of accuracy in detection.

3.) While all this is being done, it would be logged on an opensource platform, along with the notes, code and schematics so as to allow collaboration between multiple people working towards the common goal.

Whom can you contact to get in touch?

We’re based in Mumbai, India but open for collaboration.
If you’d like to join and help out, feel free to contact Dr. Antonio D’Costa: [email protected]

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