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OpenBCI’s Galea Wins Big at CES 2023

January 11th, 2023

OpenBCI took home two CES 2023 Innovation Awards this past week while attending the Las Vegas conference. Their latest R&D effort, Galea, was awarded in both the Virtual & Augmented Reality, and Wearable Technologies categories. Galea has also previously won a Unity Aerospace & Defense award and an AWE Auggie Award for Best Interaction Product. At CES, OpenBCI also announced a mixed reality version of Galea that integrates the Varjo XR-3.

Galea is a hardware and software platform that merges next-generation brain-computer interface technology with head-mounted displays. Galea is the first headset that simultaneously measures the user’s heart, skin, muscles, eyes, and brain. It combines advanced biosensing technology with top-of-the-line Varjo VR and XR headsets.

Galea’s multi-modal sensor network and integrated software dramatically simplify the process of collecting tightly-synchronized data from the brain and body. Galea unlocks new techniques for objectively measuring user experiences and internal states of mind.

Pre-orders for Galea beta devices are now open via Beta devices will come fully integrated with either the Varjo Aero or XR-3 and will also support the ability to remove the head-mounted display entirely and use Galea’s multi-modal sensor network as a standalone device in real-world settings. The fifth and final batch of the Galea Beta Program will close on February 15, 2023. Beta devices are estimated to begin shipping in Q3 2023.

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