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Open Software for Human Electrophysiology

This is a list of openly available software and code for working with electrophysiological data, focused mainly on local field potential (LFP) type measurements from humans, specifically EEG, MEG, and ECoG/iEEG. This list is primarily maintained by Tom Donoghue.

A companion list of open data is available here.


The goal here is to list re-usable tools for working with the specified data, and is not generally focused on code that is avaialable for specific analysis on particular datasets (though these may be included where they are licensed for re-use, and are the best available starting point for a particular use case).

This list is curated by the VoytekLab, but most of the code / tools indexed here are from external sources (our tools will be explicitly noted). We have not necessarily tried all of these tools, and offer no general endorsement of which to use.

When known, tools will be specified as having a graphic user interface (GUI) and/or if they are a plug-in for a general purpose library.

By ‘open’, here we mean that source code is provided and is released with a permissive license. Commercial products are not listed here. Be sure to double check the license before using / modifying linked code. Note that some tools may require non-open dependencies (for example, Matlab tools are listed, but are not fully open).


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