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November Newsletter


Happy November OpenBCI Community!

As we prepare to ship all of the Ganglion and Mark IV pre-orders we want to make sure we showcase some of the great projects and research from our community. Thus, we decided to include a Community Members of the Month section to our newsletters. In addition, read below to get the latest updates on the Mark IV and Ganglion production. For those of you who haven’t yet pre-ordered the latest OpenBCI gear, you can take advantage of a 5% Cyber November Discount between now and the end of the day on Monday, November 28th. Also in this newsletter:

    1. Last Chance to Pre-Order the Ganglion & Mark IV Before Prices Go Up!
    2. Cyber November 5% Discount
    3. Community Member of the Month
    4. General Survey Link
    5. Ganglion Update
    6. Ultracortex Mark IV Update
    7. OpenBCI GUI V2 Update
    8. Past and Future Events

1. Last Chance to Pre-Order the Ganglion & Mark IV Before Prices Go Up!

As the end of our pre-order period comes to an end, we want to remind you that the Mark IV and Ganglion prices will go up as soon as we have them in stock. Everybody that has pre-ordered to date, has received a great discount! We estimate having the new products in stock by December 15th, fulfillment for pre-orders will start late November. If that isn’t enough of an incentive, between now and the end of Cyber Monday, we have a Cyber November Discount Code to get an additional 5% off of all OpenBCI products!

2. Cyber November 5% Discount

Use the code CYBER_NOVEMBER at checkout to get a 5% discount on all OpenBCI products. The code will only be valid for orders placed through our online store. This code is valid between now and the end of the day on Monday, November 28th. What are you waiting for!? Join the Neurorevolution today!

Cyber November Sale

3. Community Member of the Month

The thing we love most about OpenBCI is our amazingly diverse and inspiring community of hackers, neuroscientists, makers, and more! To celebrate you we have decided to feature one or two community projects here and in all future newsletters. If you are interested in being featured or know someone who has a cool OpenBCI project, please fill out this interest form.

This month we want to share the Alpha Wave Detection Mobile App built by Hassan Albalawi. Great work, Hassan!

Using the 32Bit Board and his ingenuity, Hassan created an iOS/Android app that monitors alpha waves in real time and plots an alertness level on a mobile device. We love this project, because it makes use of OpenBCI’s platform while pushing it forward. In the spirit of openness and collaborative innovation, Hassan shared the project and his code with our community. Below is a video demo of Hassan’s app. You can read more about his project on our Forum or on the Community Page!


Alpha Waves Monitor using OpenBCI 32-bit Board

4. OpenBCI Survey

We hope that your experience with OpenBCI has been awesome! We are constantly trying to improve the OpenBCI platform. For this reason, we ask that you give us 5 minutes of your time, and complete our latest survey. Help us build the future of OpenBCI!

OpenBCI Community Survey

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us! Your answers will be anonymous and we will post the answers to selected questions in our future newsletters.

5. Ganglion Update

Ganglion production is underway! Below, in the “OpenBCI GUI V2 Progress” section, is a screenshot of the new GUI showing Conor’s alpha waves that were recorded by the Ganglion.

Check out the latest data from the pre-production prototype here. The PCBs are being fabricated, and we should see samples from the top of the production run for proofing before Thanksgiving. We are working with the good folks at Worthington Assembly Inc., and want to thank them for all their great work helping us bring OpenBCI to you! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest photos and videos of the PCB assembly process as they become available.

Ganglion Photo
Screenshot of the Production-ready Ganglion Board in KiCad Design Software

6. Ultracortex Mark IV Update

We are now done with Mark IV production and almost have all Ultracortex Mark IV parts in-house. The assembly/kitting process is underway! We are now working quickly and carefully to deliver the Ultracortex Mark IV headsets as soon as possible. We still anticipate initiating the fulfillment in late November. Thanks again for your patience.

7. OpenBCI GUI V2 Progress

We have made tons of progress on the next version of the OpenBCI GUI (ie V2). The screenshot below is the latest version of the GUI V2 visualizing Ganglion Data recorded from Conor’s head. We are working tirelessly to add as many new features as possible before launching it with the release of the Mark IV and Ganglion. Ganglion integration is almost complete. To track the progress, check out the issues section of the OpenBCI GUI V2 repo on Github. If you have suggestions or feedback based on your experiences with the existing GUI, please share them with us in the issues section!
The OpenBCI GUI V2 Showing Ganglion Data!

8. Past and Future Events

Conor at SuperHuman Summit in Vancouver speaking about “The Dawn of the Neurorevolution”
Joel having fun at the Open Hardware Summit 2016 in PDX at Crystal Ballroom

Thank You!

 From everyone at OpenBCI, we want to say thank you. Your support is making the open-source Neurorevolution possible. We look forward to getting the latest OpenBCI technology into your hands and onto your heads. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out: [email protected].

All the best,The OpenBCI Team






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