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Instructable for EEG/EMG powered Wheelchair

We recently came across this great Instructable by Mohammed Alrafia that shows how to use OpenBCI and Arduino to power robotics projects.

via Instructables

“This project attempts to implement a device to control a wheelchair for paralyzed patients with an improved controlling method. The device should be able to move the wheelchair freely in anywhere under the control of the user and it is not required to predefine any map or path. An accurate and natural controlling method is provided, and the user can stop the wheelchair any time immediately to avoid risks or danger. This project is using a brainwave-reading cap to collect the EEG/EMG signal and send it to the Arduino UNO to control the movement of the wheelchair.”

It’s especially cool that they detail working their way up from controlling LEDs to working with robotic cars. While we would recommend replacing the PyLSL code with BrainFlow, this is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to explore robotics projects with OpenBCI.

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