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Exploring non-conscious cognition with immersive EEG art

This is an update from the OpenBCI Discovery Program. Click here for details on how to apply.

For the past year I have been working – alongside software developer, Anna Mechlińska; visual designer, Bileam Tschepe; and architect, Celia Landry – to develop an immersive EEG installation that offers a space to reflect on the relationship between somatic surveillance, nonconscious cognition, and embodiment. The immersive installation we have been building aims to encourage a critical dialogue in posthuman politics of location by offering an embodied, and mindful, experience within a virtual body-sensing system. 

Exhibition of EEG Sensor output in Schöppingen, Germany, 2021

The work has been in development since the outset of my residency at Exposed Arts Projects, where my peers and I have been exploring the codification of human values. During this research and development phase I navigated how “intelligence” is selected, articulated, and (re)distributed. Drawing on inspiration from the discourse around AI ethics and the anthropomorphization of non-human agents caused me to sync up with the Berlin-based Neuroscience and Art community, EDGE. In this community, which offers a generative space to integrate artistic endeavors with scientific studies, I’ve workshoped methods to combine embodiment practices with virtual design to enable deeper sensorial discovery. 

Virtual Exhibition, Inter/Intra Human, Factory Berlin, 2020

With support from the OpenBCI Sponsorship Program, my team and I will be able to continue our work utilizing EEG data as a method for enabling a deeper understanding of the feedback loop between body-sensing systems, perceived data, established behaviors, and the evolving socio-cultural infrastructure. We will articulate our creation through the use of several platforms, including Touchdesigner, Wekinator, Python, and BrainFlow. Our first exhibition is planned for September 2021 (subject to postponement depending on COVID regulations) at Exposed Arts Projects in London. Following the exhibition we will be working with EDGE to continue to grow the technical framework of the installation project. We will share our progress via Github, and begin the conversation around somatic technologies via Discord. Please feel free to reach out to continue the conversation!



This could make for a good “treatment” option for those in so-called psychosis, to dive deep, explore and/or explore their mental state beyond traditional methods of psychoanalysis and the like. Definitely better than drugging people to oblivion, locking them in sterile coercive and isolated wards. Are you working on / have though about this kind of use-cases? There is so much potential in this kind of technology / psycho-environements, would love to sync with you and EDGE too!


Thanks for reaching out on the OpenBCI platform! We haven’t been thinking of using the technology for that specifically but would be happy to continue the conversation via zoom sometime if you are interested. Have you also been working with EEG sets in this capacity? Feel free to email me at [email protected] to continue the conversation 🙂

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