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GitHub project for Java-based EEG neurofeedback system using OpenBCI UDP streaming

I work in mental health and have a background in scientific software engineering. I am nearing the “alpha” stage of an experimental compact system for doing game-based EEG biofeedback using an OpenBCI data stream over UDP. A control component receives and processes EEG data and calculates a reward value based on configurable algorithmic thresholds. A feedback component, typically running on another machine, provides real-time audiovisual feedback and scoring to the neurofeedback user wearing the BCI headgear. The Java-OpenGL game framework JMonkeyEngine is used to create the game paradigm. At the moment, there is a single game paradigm using a rocket to blast-off as rewards accumulate. I would be happy to have input, share knowledge, and collaborate with others moving forward. The code can be found here:

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