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Control Arduino Using Your Brain and OpenBCI GUI

This tutorial shows you how to get started streaming data from the OpenBCI GUI‘s Focus Widget via Serial connection to an Arduino UNO. Specifically, this is designed for use in classroom settings for individuals who have little or no electronics experience. No “hacking” is involved!

OpenBCI hardware and software are open source! Experienced makers have the option of building this project from scratch. Full DocumentationOpenBCI Docs.

Grade Level Recommendations and Unit Timeline:

  • Middle School: 2-5 days
  • High School: 1-5 days
  • College: 1-2 days

This includes the time it takes to complete this instructable and then expand the project using the Arduino and available hardware. Teachers should complete this instructable before sharing with students and also account for lab setup time before each lesson.

Full Instructable HERE



Hi there, greetings from Hong Kong!!!

We are following this tutorial, and I found myself lost at the point where I should set up the electodes for making use of the Focus Widget.

Do I setup up four electrodes at Fp1, Fp2, TP7 and TP8, as shown in one of the pictures in Step9 of the instructables?

Please give us some pointers, as we are new to this Community.


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