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Reactions from Public Debut of ConcentrateToday

This is an update from the OpenBCI Discovery Program. Learn more about ConcentrateToday in their previous post.

Recently, for the very first time, we debuted the prototype version of our application ConcentrateToday in public and found some amazing responses. So, we could not wait to share our experiences with all of you!

Some of the captured moments where visitors were experiencing and enjoying ConcentrateToday.

In 2020, we started developing a concentration detection algorithm and a neurofeedback-based training protocol for enhancing sustained attention. Some of you might remember reading the beginning journey of ConcentrateToday in our previous OpenBCI Community post. In this protocol, we have included controlled breathing practice (pranayama), mindfulness meditation and 2 neurofeedback-based concentration training games. We will share further details about the algorithm and training protocol here in the OpenBCI Community.

Neurofeedback-based gaming interface where a participant tries to stay focused on the red colored clock’s hand (seconds hand). The basket would move to collect fruit items based on the participant’s concentration level.

In this post, we are sharing some moments from two programs where our application was being experienced publicly. The first one was held on 10th and 11th December 2021, in the memory of the father of our nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s 100th birthday. Universities, research labs and industries of our country participated and demonstrated their works. Our lab (AIMS Lab) and United International University (UIU) decided to demonstrate ConcentrateToday in this program. When we set our devices, we found that there were huge powerline noises at 50Hz due to lots of lights and other devices. We were afraid that our system might not work properly in that noisy environment. Nonetheless, we managed to adjust our filtering and make the system work. Visitors were very excited! Some of them had watched videos on YouTube and other social media about Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and some others were knowing this for the first time. However, visitors got excited to quantify their level of concentration and experience BCI. There were lots of questions about this technology, how the brain signal is being recorded, how the device acquire signals, how the system has been designed and so on. Some of the participants got so enthusiastic that they brought their friends, students and kids to practice a session!

A faculty member of the Biochemistry and Biotechnology department of the Independent University of Bangladesh enjoyed a session and sent some of his students to practice here.
A participant is practicing a session who came here to explore by being recommended by her friend.

Above all, we were amazed to see the excitement in the eyes of the next generation of neuroscience enthusiasts! There were some child participants who also wanted to play with their minds. They put on the device on their head and started to act like they are controlling the game. Some of those moments were very cute.

Some cute moments with the next generation of neuroscience enthusiasts.

Finally, we would like to share one of the best moments from 12th December 2021. Our honorable State Minister of the ICT Division came to visit our lab. On this day, he also inaugurated our BCI Research Facility, which is the first of its kind in our country. When he, the chairman of UIU, our Vice-Chancellor (VC), Pro-VC and other directors entered the lab, they noticed the OpenBCI device and asked what is this? After getting to know about the OpenBCI device and what we are doing with it, the Chairman of UIU and United Group wanted to experience the ConcentrateToday. The amazing part is, all of them enjoyed and became excited about it. You can see a happy moment from that day in the picture given below.

Peoples in this picture: (1) Mr Moinuddin Hasan Rashid, United Group Chairman & Managing Director (2) Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister of the ICT Division, Government of the People Republic of Bangladesh (3) Prof. Dr Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of UIU (4) Prof. Dr M. Rezwan Khan, Director of Institute of Advanced Research and former VC of UIU (5) Prof. Dr Khondaker A Mamun, Founder and Director of AIMS Lab (6) Prof. Dr A.K.M. Muzahidul Islam (7) Rana Depto, Research Engineer, AIMS Lab

This journey could have not been made without the support of OpenBCI. We would like to share our thanks to OpenBCI, for constantly supporting and guiding us. Additionally, thanks to you for patiently going through this post.

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