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A while back we posted about brainHat, a software system we created to enable easy plug and play Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) data broadcast using OpenBCI Cyton boards.

brainHat Plug and Play LSL

We are excited to announce some new brainHat system programs and code to share.

Relaxing with brainHatViewer on the big screen.

We created the brainHatViewer application, which might be a useful tool for you if you want to:

  • View real time EEG signal or band power plots from one or more Cyton boards on your network  simultaneously.
  • View a snapshot of the last few minutes of data without interrupting the real time data graphs or the file recording.
  • Open and view data files in OpenBCI GUI.txt format, and apply different filters to the raw data.
  • Control the recording of data files on the brainHat servers. You can even open and view a data file for a recording still in progress without interrupting the real time data plot or the recording.
  • View multiple real time plots with different filters applied.
  • Customize your filter parameters and hot reload the new filters on the fly.

We also created a version of the brainHat server program with a graphical user interface that you can run on Windows to start and stop the LSL data stream from your Cyton board.

Take a look at this video showing all of what the system can do.

You can find more details in this published document, including a link to a public folder where you will find installers for the brainHat server GUI (for both Windows and Raspberry Pi)  and the brainHat viewer for Windows.



Thank you for the compliment.

We have created the brainHat Mobile Android application for this system already. It has similar functionality to brainHat Viewer, in that it can connect to a server and show raw data plot, filtered plot, and EEG plot, as well as control start/stop recording of a data file on the brainHat server computer.

See the last 45 seconds of our original video to observe the mobile program in action.

The mobile app is not available on the Play store yet. I would like to get some idea of interest before I go through the effort to publish the app to the store. Let me know if you think the mobile app would be valuable to you and maybe we can start a beta user’s program.

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