A BCI-responsive game environment in VR by Juris

Hello OpenBCI community.

My names is Juris and I have been working on something that would like to start sharing with everyone.

I am using OpenBCI as an input device in a game environment that I created in Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift with Leap Motion controller attached for greater immersion depth.

I have founded a company and my aim is to create a place where people can come and use this environment as an emergent, gamified brain-training and learning of self experience.

Furthermore, granted the first stage is successful, I will create an integrated multiplayer world where numerous users can participate to affect the environment in tandem; where players have powers depending on their own developed capability and control of and over the brain.

Feel free to express any thoughts, opinions and feedback.

Here is a first short demo run-through of my interactive VR game environment.


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It can be great for stroke patients with hand dysfunction if ur using leap motion. They can do object manipulation in VR. We can make such profile of patients wear a haptic glove as well for sensory stimulation as well.


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