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2022 NeuroTechX Student Club Competition Winners

Each year, NeuroTechX’s student club competition receives creative and technically accomplished brain-computer interface project submissions. Judging was based on innovation, complexity, GitHub repo clarity, and project demo. To recap, here are the winners of the 2022 prompt “Visual Paradigm for BCI and their prizes:

Grand Winner (1st Place): WATOLINK from the University of Waterloo. Their prize was $2,000 USD and 1 hour live consultation with Branch Out’s Director of Research about product commercialization :tada:

Runner Up (2nd Place): Triton NeuroTech from the University of California, San Diego. Their prize was $1,000 USD.:tada:

Runner Up (3rd Place): CruX from UCLA. Their prize was $500 USD.:tada:

Best Use of ERP Award: CruX from UCLA. Their prize was $500 USD here as well.:tada:

All Student Club winners will receive continued project support for future development.:tada:

We want to share the 2022 projects which used OpenBCI hardware and software.

  • IRiSSE – SSVEP-based BCI speller app by McGill University – uses cyton + gold cup electrodes [VIDEO]
  • CruX – P300 Speller app by UCLA – uses cyton + gel electrode cap [VIDEO]
  • WATOLINK – SSVEP-based communicator by University of Waterloo – uses cyton + customized ultracortex [VIDEO]

The project GitHubs linked above include detailed walkthroughs of the data acquisition and analysis pipeline. These tutorials are a valuable guide to those getting started with EEG-based brain-computer interfaces.

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