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OpenBCI GUI v3.0 Out Now!

GUI-V3-SCREENSHOTThe Biggest OpenBCI GUI Update Yet!

We are so excited to announce the OpenBCI GUI hitting v3.0! Push The World (PTW)and OpenBCI were determined to support for the WiFi Shield capability to this flagship OpenBCI Application.

For the past year, the NodeJS Ganglion driver embedded inside the Ganglion Hub has powered all Ganglion BLE data acquisition across macOS, Windows and Linux for OpenBCI GUI v2.x. It’s tried and test reliability, along with drastic GUI drawing performance increases, gave us the confidence that we built a stable solution for data acquisition. In parallel, we continue to stabilize our Cyton NodeJS driver and build a new WiFi Shield NodeJS driver. With these three drivers in place, we pulled the trigger on a long term goal to move all OpenBCI GUI data acquisition to the Electron hub.

What does this mean for the OpenBCI GUI?

About a 10x improvement in all aspects of the GUI.

  • Connection to Cyton and Ganglion is almost instantaneous, no matter over Serial, BLE, or WiFi. Previous OpenBCI GUI took up to 12 seconds.
  • Graphics run faster and more consistently. Previous versions of the GUI would have to crunch lots of data just to get to a point where the data could be filtered and displayed. Removing all of that code, allows the GUI to simply act upon the data inside it’s buffer. The differences are seen in CPU performance especially.
  • Cyton specific improvements, most of the Cyton fixes are dependent on you running the Cyton v2.x or newer firmware.
    • Channel setting works.
      • For years, uses have struggled to set channels due to a need to send delays between characters found in v1.0.0 firmware of the RFduinos. This bug was fixed in RFduino firmware v2.0.0. A quick way to verify you have the correct RFduino firmware is to check system status in the OpenBCI GUI.
      • The big fix comes from the fact that the NodeJS driver can sense the firmware version of the Cyton and send all channel settings at once, with no delay between characters, which allows the settings to be set perfectly every time.
    • Impedance (lead-off detection) works for EEG
      • Pressing the impedance buttons now reliably sets the channel up to measure impedance.
    • Can use brand new Pulse Sensor widget that utilizes new Cyton v3.0 firmware reading from analog inputs on the fly.
    • New Focus widget that can tell if you are focused or not!
    • Networking widget stabilized.
  • WiFi Shield
    • With WiFi Shield, Ganglion can stream into GUI at 200Hz and 1600Hz. Enjoy high speed data!
    • With WiFi Shield, Cyton and Cyton with Daisy stream into GUI at 250Hz and 1000Hz.

Learn and Download

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Installation Instructions For All OS

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