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NodeJS Ecosystem Overhaul: Cyton stable and Ganglion in beta


WiFi Shield on top of Ganglion

NodeJS Ecosystem Refactor

Really exciting news with the entire OpenBCI NodeJS ecosystem!

Key Take Aways

  • The NodeJS Ganglion over bluetooth has a new v1.0.0 driver with a stable core hits beta. Please test and report issues!
  • The Cyton over USB Dongle is now living in OpenBCI NodeJS Cyton.
  • The openbci module, the original one, will support the Ganglion, Cyton over bluetooth, and both boards with WiFi Shield. Currently the openbci module only supports Cyton over bluetooth.

Background for Refactor

It all started with wanting to make a high sample rate WiFi Shield driver. To make the WiFi driver be high speed means the WiFi shield must send “raw” data instead of processed JSON data. This raw data format is the same 33byte format that is used with the Cyton over Serial USB Dongle. Which leads to: a WiFi Shield  mounted on a Ganglion sends uncompressed 24bit A/D count values in a 33byte packet per sample. This means that the same parser that has already been proven to be stable with the Cyton USB dongle can be applied to the Cyton and Ganglion over WiFi.

I moved this mission critical raw data parsing to a new module, one called openbci-utilities. All utility functions, constants, sample converting, everything, is inside this one well tested module!

Then the new NodeJS Cyton Module, NodeJS Ganglion Module, and NodeJS WiFi Module are ALL dependent on the NodeJS Utility Module.

PS: The WiFi driver has ZERO native dependencies, developers rejoice!

We are actively looking for contributors to these projects, please join the chat on gitter if you want to reach the devs!

– AJ Keller

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