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  • Hi, I understand I've been asking a lot lately, but may I be able to get an update on my last question? I'm getting bizarre values after multiplying by the scalee factor ( If the input s…
  • One last question. I've finally succeeded in decoding the channel values. In order to match my channel values with the ones given by the txt file, is multiplying by the below scale factor the only step needed? Scale Factor (Volts/count) = 1.…
  • I've solved the issue by changing all the <! to << Thanks. function convert19bitAsInt32 (threeByteBuffer) { let prefix = 0; if (threeByteBuffer[2] & 0x01 > 0) { // console.log('\t\tNegative number') prefix = 0b11111111111…
  • Also, may I ask what the <! operator does in the above function? I've tried searching online, but have not been able to find an answer.
  • May I inquire what the input data should look like for the convert19bitAsInt32 function as shown by the document?( The function should give me -3 if the input is 0b1111111111111111101. Howev…
  • Thanks William. On another note, I find that changing the file's location (Brainflow Streamer -> File -> Custom) gives me only the csv file. Is there a way to get the txt file as well? Best, Yoosung
  • Yes, that was what I was referring to. Thanks once again for your help. Have a great day. Best, Yoosung
  • Hi William, thank you for your help. I've managed to remove the spikes by 1) using all gold cup electrodes 2) moving to a quieter area 3) turning off the other channels not in use Best, Yoosung