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  • I think that this might be a good guess, then. We see the signals even when the cell phones are not obviously active. The only way to disable this is to either turn the cell phone off or to stop its cellular signal (by, e.g., putting it in "airplane…
  • Elisabeth, Is there any chance that you had a cell phone turned on nearby when you were making these recordings? The triplet especially in the top graph looks a bit like the signal that leaks into our student neurophysiology amplifiers when a cell …
  • Dan and others, Regarding vendors for 3d printing, for anyone in the States I would suggest taking a look at for anything that can be printed on a consumer-grade printer (especially FDM printers). I have used Shapeways and Sculpteo q…
  • Ganglion+Windows 7 Solved!  Probably. I've gotten the Ganglion running with my Windows 7 laptop, and I had it running briefly with my Windows 7 PC - though that stopped, and I'm not sure why. 1. OpenBCI shipped a Bluetooth dongle with my Ganglion,…
  • Thank you for the ideas, William. The issue isn't really Bluetooth itself - I've successfully connected to Bluetooth devices with my Windows 7 laptop, and in fact the Adafruit dongle supplies Bluetooth (2.1?) connectivity just fine under Windows 7.…