Github Discussion: Can we improve GUI data folder structure?

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Hello All,

I have created an issue on Github to allow the Community to discuss potentially changing the folder structure in /Documents/OpenBCI_GUI to something that can help researchers and makers alike.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this, please comment here or on Github. I have already shared my initial proposal and mentioned the BIDS format. I should also note that I have consulted with a PhD researcher from the NeuroTechX community who is leading the effort on EEG-Notebooks project. This person highly recommends BIDS. I also think BIDS can help us add extra information in a json file that could be valuable for researchers, such as details on the physical electrode setup.

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  • This might be an improvement. If we look at the EEG format in the paper (figure 1)
    I think that each run of the GUI would need to have its files placed in one of the sub_01 type subdirectories, with any settings that might be different between sessions and other unique per run files placed there. Any log that is common to all runs of the GUI would be in the main directory as a file there, on the main stem of the figure 1 in the paper.

  • Another thought: You could require that the user create a "project" (as with some programming GUI systems) and have that be your main directory, as a per-project tree of files. The common log for all projects would then be elsewhere, probably in the directory containing them

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