Interference problems (crazy uVrms)

geraldoranosgeraldoranos Salt Lake City

I've followed the tutorial to setup my Gaglion board, but the data seems pretty weird.

In the tutorial, the uVrms are ranging from 6-7, mine is like crazy if the board is on the table:

If I hold the board, then it decreases a lot, but still a lot higher compared to the demo:

The impedance check seems fine as you can see on both screencasts above.

The numbers are pretty high and the alpha waves test (blinks) are not noticeable.

I'm powering the board with a 3.7 lithium battery cell (18650), thats the only difference from the tutorial. I'm using gold cup electrodes and ten20 paste. 

What is the right way to position the board? What are the best practices to get a clean signal?

PS: I'm a noob, just getting started.



  • Geraldo,

    If your electrode connections are reasonably high quality, you might be experiencing electrical noise from nearby electronics.  The fact that holding the board makes a difference suggests this.

    Look for any noise sources within a few feet of the electrodes, electrode leads, and Ganglion board.  These include, but are not limited to, AC power cords, laptops, tablets, cell phones, computer displays, and particularly AC power supplies and wall warts for any of these.  Move these as far away as possible.  If you need a laptop nearby, try to run it on batteries.

    Be sure to prep the skin under the electrodes if you can.  Wipe liberally with isopropyl and use a rough paper towel to abrade the skin gently (not so hard as to break the skin) to remove the top layer of dead skin.  Another trick is to brush the electrode sites briskly with a soft hairbrush.  All this can help reduce electrode impedance.

    Let us know how it works out!

    Best regards,

  • geraldoranosgeraldoranos Salt Lake City
    Thanks a lot, Michael.

    I will try these tips and report back!

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