can't find Ganglion tutorial?

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I couldn't find a tutorial for the Ganlion, so I used the Cyton Tutoria instead:

As instructed I plugged in the dongle, which started blinking a blue light.

Then I started the OpenBCI GUI, but got the message: "No BLE device selected. Please select your Ganglion device and retry system initiation."

Nothing was selected, because nothing was listed.

After looking around this forum, it looks like the Ganglion does not work with Windows 7, which is what I have.

So, I tried the whole thing again on my husband's windows 10 computer (installing the software and the drivers),
but this time I got the message "The new data source is LIVE (from Ganglion) and NCHAN = [4]" and then got the
same message from before ""No BLE device selected. Please select your Ganglion device and retry system initiation."

Interestingly, when I plugged the dongle into the Windows 10 computer it did not light up at all. Note all the Windows 10
USB outlets work fine with other devices. 

On Amazon, someone suggested un-checking the power management for the USB outlets, which I tried, but did not work.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.... Otherwise is the Ganglia returnable?



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Tutorials are on the docs site, Started/00-Welcome Started_Guide

    Be sure to follow the steps of using the CSR 4.0 dongle.
  • Hi wjcroft

    Thanks for the info!

    Unfortunately still not working.

    The Ganglion tutorial was very helpful Started_Guide

    It said, to go to the forum post:

    which said to google “windows+7+bluetooth+driver” which I did and picked one of the first results:

    downloaded and installed. Now, when I go to the bluetooth in the tray to look for devices, it can find my Nexus 7 but is not finding the Ganglion. And still getting the same error message in the OpenBCI GUI once I click on “Start System”: "No BLE device selected. Please select your Ganglion device and retry system initiation."

    Anyone have any other suggestions?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Are you using the CSR dongle and the steps for installing with Zadig, etc.? I don't think Lenovo drivers are involved.

    Please read the entire thread. You apparently stopped at the 2nd post.

  • Hi William

    Thanks for your advice, but no luck.

    Are you using the CSR dongle and the steps for installing with Zadig, etc.? I don't think Lenovo drivers are involved.”

    I'm using the dongle that came with the Ganglion.

    I uninstalled the Lenovo driver, unplugged the dongle, then plugged it into a different USB port, waited for it to install it's default driver, tested did not work. Then downloaded the Zadig, changed the default so it would show all drivers and devices. Chose the only device to show up, the:
    “Microsoft 2.4 GHz Transceiver v7.0”

    Then clicked on “Replace Driver”
    Then rebooted.
    Then turned on the Ganglion and started the BCI GUI, but still not showing up.

    Any idea when the when the Windows 7 instructions will be ready?



    P.S. I wasted a good part of my weekend trying to get this to work with no luck, very frustrating!
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    The previous link I gave has the instructions but you have to read the entire thread and install the drivers as indicated there. NOT the Lenovo or Microsoft drivers.

    Last post on that thread has a link Joel found with the drivers you need.

    It's easier if you use a Windows 10 machine.
  • Hi William
    Still no go. 

    I went to:

    And downloaded the driver for Windows 64-bit and installed, and followed instructions for pairing, with again no luck.

    Now that I've installed the CSR Harmony driver, do I still need to use the Zadig software?


    P.S. I didn't realize that “CSR Harmony Wireless Software Stack” was a driver.

  • P.S. I tried with our Windows 10 machine, but the dongle blue light didn't even light up when plugged into every single usb port. 
           Would installing a particular type of USB port help?

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Always use a USB 2 port if you can. Are you following instructions to install the Harmony driver and Zadig, etc.? You must install as shown on the link. It only works with the special driver, available either in the dongle package CD or at the link Joel found. Microsoft or Lenovo drivers arent going to work.
  • gubbeengubbeen Calgary, AB
    @katie 356, I've had some success with a Windows 7 install. I recognize your frustration, although I suffered most of mine in advance of getting the gear, since it looked like this really wouldn't work. (And, from a conventional hardware/drivers/OS/application perspective, it still kind of doesn't.) My $0.02:

    - From my experience, @wjcroft is right: try walking through the how-to carefully--that's what I did and it Just Worked.

    - Because the Harmony/CSR driver is installed and then part of it is 'swapped out' by Zadig (or whatever that thing does), the dongle no longer functions like standard Windows hardware. It doesn't even function like it did after the Harmony CSR stack was installed. Now it lights up only after the OpenBCI GUI is started. (Specifically, when the Ganglion/Electron Hub component starts up--you'll see a black cat silhouette in your Windows task bar notification area.)

    It sounds like you are doing some very sensible troubleshooting--checking to see if the component is initialized/recognized by Windows--but this set-up has to work around the fact that Windows 7 has no support for the 'Low Energy' part of BT 4.0. So don't expect to see the usual signs of proper installation, etc. Work the steps--you won't know if it's working until you do (or don't) see your Ganglion pop up as a data source in the OpenBCI GUI.

  • Hi gubeen

    Thanks for the explanation, very helpful!

    For whatever reason it is still not working on my Windows 7 computer, I think cuz I uninstalled the Harmony software and then tried to reinstall it and am getting a message “This software license had expired. Please install the latest version”.

    But it is now working on our Windows 10 computer, so I'm happy. The trick was to use the Zadig software, to not worry that the blue light does not turn on, and to patiently wait for the bluetooth pairing, like many bluetooth attachments it takes a little while.

    Looking forward to downloading some recordings!


  • marcmmarcm India
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    Hi @katie365,
    How long does it take to connect, approx? I've tried everything in the above links(CSR harmony followed by Zadig override on win10) but my Ganglion doesn't appear in the BLE devices list on the GUI. Any help appreciated.

  • edited February 2017
    Hi Marc 

    I just tried again to time it, and this time it was very quick to connect.

    To recap, and a couple more tips, from when I got it working the first time:

    - plug in dongle and wait for driver to install (unless it is already installed)

    - run zadig_2.2, click Options then click "List all Devices", then from the drop-down
    list choose "CSR8510 A10", then click "Reinstall Driver" and wait for the reinstallation to complete.

    - Open the Windows control panel, pick “Device Manager” and click on the Bluetooth section. 

    - If one of the devices shows a yellow icon, click on “update driver software”.

    - on the Windows bottom taskbar find the bluetooth icon (if you are not sure what it looks like, just google bluetooth icon), then click on “Open Setting”. Checkmark settings to “Allow bluetooth devices to find this PC”.

    - turn on your Ganglion.

    - then click on the bluetooth icon again choose “Show Bluetooth Devices”, the screen will show Windows looking for any bluetooth devices. On the left hand side click on "Connected Devices" (which is a list of bluetooth devices already found). If the "CSR8510 A10" is not already on that list, go back to Bluetooth and wait a few minutes. Once the "CSR8510 A10" is hopefully added to the list, then start the OpenBCI_GUI.

    - start the OpenBCI_GUI then click on "LIVE (from Ganglion)", then if nothing is listed, click on “Refresh List”.

    - Hopefully all this will work, if it doesn't plug the dongle into a different USB port, try again and keep your fingers crossed.

    I definitely understand your frustration, and good luck!

    P.S. Later on I'll post a blog post with screenshots.

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Katie, thanks.

    Your posts here on the forum look odd (yellow highlight) and require horizontal scrolling to read. Can you use a more plain text way of cut pasting. I reformatted your last post to look more conventional.


  • Thanks, will do.

  • biomurphbiomurph Brooklyn, NY
    You should not need to look for the Ganglion by using the driver, or other tool. The OpenBCI GUI should connect to the CSR 4.0 dongle straight away, and give you a list of Ganglions in the area that you can connect to.
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