CSR 4.0 dongle from OpenBCI store is finicky. Other dongles recommended?

gsorgsor CA, USA
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Hi, I've purchased a few Ganglions but only 1 Bluetooth dongle from OpenBCI. The dongle I received is finicky (takes a while to be recognized by my computer and sometimes won't read and requires full restart of system). My question is, for the other Ganglion's can I buy other Bluetooth 4.0 dongles? I've found quite a bit on amazon with amazing reviews, but can't seem to find discussions on this forum regarding compatibility with other dongles.

My experience with programming or understanding software compatibility is limited. I have Windows 10 on my computer, so side from using Zadig to install the driver for the CSR 4.0 Bluetooth, I'm not sure of any other issues I may run into, so hopefully someone else has a better idea than I do. 

Thank you! 


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    GSor, hi.

    If the other dongles are using the CSR 4.0 chipset (Cambridge Silicon Radio), they should be compatible.

    If your dongle is "finicky", it's possible that is just an isolated bad part that you have. Can you email contact at openbci.com and explain the failure modes to them? Having to reboot your system does not sound right. Have you tried the dongle on other laptops?

  • Hi Wjcroft, thanks that makes sense! I'll look into the specs to make sure they are compatible. 

    I think I made it sound drastic, sorry. What I meant is that at times, when I insert the dongle, I will get the error:
    "Uncaught Exception: Error: LIBUSB_ERROR_not_supported"

    But once I remove the dongle and restart my laptop, its read once more and fully functions. Its because of this that I believe (and hope) its the dongle. At least its much cheaper to replace a dongle than a computer. I have not been able to try it on another computer but I will do that once I have access to another one and troubleshoot some more. 

    Thank you! 
  • biomurphbiomurph Brooklyn, NY
    @wjcroft is right, you need a legit CSR 4.0 dongle. Beware that there are some out there that are copycats.
    the ones that adafruit sells are g to g.

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