Ganglion no COM port, new GUI LSL Widget with OpenVibe, BrainBay, neurofeedback

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Dear OpenBCI forum, dear makers 

after i recived my ganglion i followed all steps to install the openBCI GUi. However i was only able to stream the data with Windows 10. I followed all the instrucctions of OPENBCI. However in some comment of this forum i noticed that i needed to download the Zaddig tool (and later at the instrucctions) This video

was really helpful. I realized that i needed Node, Noble and Visual Studio. After follwoing these steps, OpenBCI Gui and the connection with Ganglion worked on the Windows 10 Laptop. but: 

Now i'm trying to use openVibe or Brainbay, but the BLE Dongle dosen't have asignd any serial port. I  followed the FDTI instalations, but it still dont work. Any suggestions?

As well,l i tried to install the OpenBCI Gui on my Ubuntu 16.4 LTS OS. But i'm not able to install processing!!  I gues it is because i have a x86 OS. OpenBCI seems also only to work with a x64. 

I tried as well on my Windows 7. But i can not install Visual Studio (wich seems to be necessary to run OpenBCI GUI, or at least to run Node and Noble, wich you need to connect the BLE with the Ganglion. Vistual Studio is not longer supported for W7, i read that you need an update  OS.  I didn't tried yet. 

I tired to fix all my issues by my self.It was really huge work (for me)

Nevetheless now i desisted with Ubuntu and  Window 7. But i would appreciate if someone could help me with the serial port issues on Windows 10. I really hate this OS, but it is the only OS where i was able to launch the OpenBCI GUI and to connect the Ganglion. My aim is to use the Neurofeedback applications of openVibe or Brainbay. 

PS: The BLE Dougle and the connection of Ganglion is really tricky!! Didn't expect that. 

Pascal and Thanks!! 



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Pascal, hi.

    This thread covers Windows 7,

    There is an issue logged with Linux support, check back,

    Regarding OpenViBE and BrainBay, correct, these require a serial port. Since interfacing to Ganglion takes substantially more code and effort than the serial port approach, it may be some time before these support Ganglion. One alternative for OpenViBE is LabStreamingLayer, which I understand will be output from OpenBCI_GUI at some point (not currently). That may eventually be a solution for BrainBay as well.

    Another route for neurofeedback is Bioexplorer and BioEra, which will shortly both have Ganglion and Cyton support. Those have no dependencies with the GUI or Hub.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    Pascal, would you be interested in beta testing the LabStreamingLayer (LSL) output capability of OpenBCI_GUI? This is being added currently as a 'Widget' to the GUI by @GabeIbagon. Gabe mentions an early version of this is due soon.

    Document on how to use the OpenViBE LSL (Acquisition Server) to receive the stream from an arbitrary LSL EEG stream source,

  • gubbeengubbeen Calgary, AB

    I'd be interested in beta testing the widget. (If I'm understanding correctly, OpenBCI_GUI + widget --> OpenViBE + LSL driver. Haven't looked closely at OpenViBE, but it looks ok for Win7 x64; will the driver be, as well? Also, will OpenBCI simultaneously record and stream to LSL? (I.e., can I record and 'check in' on EEG from time to time?)

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Dirk, hi.

    Yes, the LSL in OpenViBE is one of the many EEG devices supported by the Acquisition Server. It's not exactly a "driver", just one of the possible input streams for the AS. OpenViBE is built for Windows.

    I don't know if the Widget will simultaneously allow recording and streaming to LSL, sounds plausible. You can PM @GabeIbagon by clicking his name, then the Message button.

    Note that since you have Ganglion, this Widget LSL is the way to go. For those that have Cyton, there is an OpenBCI_Python LSL output mode, that most have used up to this point. But no Python code exists yet for Ganglion.

  • GabeIbagonGabeIbagon San Diego, California
    Hi @gubbeen - your understanding of the data flow is correct. You will also be able to send LSL through the GUI while still recording to a file in the GUI, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also note that you can record an LSL stream using LabRecorder (, if you'd like to examine the data being streamed in that way as well. I'll keep you and other posted about the progress on the widget.

  • @Wjcroft  I will try it this weekend! Thanks for the info. 
    Did i understood correctly that i need an additional widget from @GabeIbagon ?

    cc @Gubbeen I will post my progress too! 

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    @Paski, no, the new LSL widget is not available until Gabe announces it. That could take some time, possibly a week or more. I'm guessing the widget is bundled into a new version of the GUI that you download all together, not as an "add on" to the current GUI you have been using.

    However you can download and experiment with OpenViBE, it just won't connect yet to Ganglion via LSL. There are some tutorials on the site,

    I hope the OpenViBE LSL interface will handle the unusual sample rate of Ganglion (200 Hz). I seem to recall we hit some snag with Cyton LSL streams at 250 Hz and the LSL on OpenViBE only provided 256 Hz. :-(  Cyton finally got around this when Jeremy Frey @jfrey coded the direct COM port interface for Cyton. 
  • Any update on the LSL widget ?   I have been trying to connect my Ganglion to OpenVibe without any success.  I seems the OBCI drivers on openVIBE are for the Cyton, not the ganglion.   Thanks!
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    We can ask @GabeIbagon for an update.
  • Hi again! 
    is there already any update regarding ganglion and LSL?


  • Im a beginner and saw the OpenVibe software tutorial here. but there wrote that need to connect via com port, but Ganglion board is connect via bluetooth
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    @muzaffar, hi.

    I merged your question into this existing thread on the subject.

    @GabeIbagon, or AJ @pushtheworld, is there a link with tutorial or hints on using LSL with Ganglion?

  • Hi @Wjcroft

    so far i'm not able to connect ganglion with LSL (on Windows 10), i tried all what i found on the i-net.  It could be that i'm just doing wrong.But i'm not sure if it is jet possible to use LSL with ganglion. It would be really great to have some hints. Just to know wich application i need. 

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Pascal, hi.

    I'm sending an email this morning asking for some suggestions from the OpenBCI core team. Hopefully someone will post an update on this forum thread. If you want the most direct, easiest and currently available app for neurofeedback with Ganglion, consider BioEra, which now supports both Ganglion and Cyton. BioEra has no prerequisite for LSL on Ganglion, it talks direct to the Bluetooth port. With Cyton it uses the serial port. 

    Best regards,


  • This is the best and most stable example i know of:

    if you run into any problems please post and issue on that library.

    Should be as easy as typing a command on the shell. Make sure to use the dongle and use zadig.

    Further, Conor just emailed me yesturday and said LSL is now working in the GUI on the development as of his latest pull request. 

    Please tag @pushtheworld to ping me in the forum next time!
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