Mounting Ganglion on MarkIV headset?

My kickstarter Ultracortex Mark IV arrived and I started building it... aside from the disappointing (but fine for the price)  print quality, the instructions do NOT address using the Ganglion that ships with the kickstarter unassembled kits. I plan to hack it into place for use asap, but do you have any pics, instructions, etc on how the Ganglion, batteries, etc should be mounted and connected?  If so, why are they not linked into the build document?



  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    The link you provide shows instructions for Cyton. It's the same basic idea for Ganglion. The Ultracortex IV page is general purpose and meant to apply to Ganglion as well. Same mounting holes and power connection.

  • the ganglion came with an external battery pack not a LiPo... where do you suggest mounting it?
  • also, since this is a 4 channel vs 8 or 16 channel system, yet supplied with 20+ electrodes, is there a default/suggested set to use with the ganglion?
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    If you are using an OpenBCI board with a headset, easiest is to just order a LiPo cell and charger. Cheap on Adafruit and other sites. See "recommended battery / charger" section,

    You can use any channel layout you wish. The GUI headmap here shows the default channel to site layout: Started_Guide#ganglion-getting-started-guide-start-using-the-openbci-gui

    Fp1 Fp2 on ch 1 and 2. C3 and C4 on ch 3 and 4.


  • Thanks WJCroft! 
    I got the OpenBCI built, but only so far yesterday.  Then I had only a short time to make a quick 'metamorphosis' costume for a terrific free art/tech/music event here on Maui.  I figured, morphing into a cyborg insect would be cool.  Pics will follow sometime - it worked really well, except learning the spiky electrodes are not recommended for long term wear.
    Excited to get this thing operational !!

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