Ganglion on Mac running Windows VM, no bluetooth?

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Hi everyone,

I just got my ganglion and it is working fine on my MacOS Sierra.  I just had time to test the OpenBCI GUI.  I would like to eventually connect my Ganglion on Windows apps running on VMware so I installed the OBCI Gui on my VM windows10 but could not get it to connect.  I think the issue has to do with the way it connects thru bluetooth.  It is not a "normal" bluetooth device that can be shared to the VM.  Even MacOS needs the GanglionHub to connect to it.  I tried running that app but it did not help.

I am thinking I will probably have to install Windows on bootcamp to bypass this connection problem, but maybe there is an easier solution.  Maybe getting a usb bluetooth dongle that I will connect directly to my VM would work (when I plug a usb device with my VM running, I get a choice to connect that usb device to mac or windows).

I have seen this page on the site about installing FTDI drivers on a VM but I guess this is for the other openBCI devices that connect differently than the Ganglion. Maybe this would help if I had a bluetooth dongle !?

  1. If using Virtual Box: Enable FTDI FT231X USB UART on virtual box throughDevices > USB Devices.

Any help and/or suggestion is greatly appreciated. 


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Zig, hi.

    The FTDI info is for Cyton, not Ganglion.

    Try the CSR 4.0 dongle accessed inside your Windows VM, Started_Guide#ganglion-getting-started-guide-downloadrun-the-openbci-gui-on-windows

  • biomurphbiomurph Brooklyn, NY
    Your's is an interesting case, Zigzagzen.
    Does using the CSR 4.0 Dongle work on Windows VM?
  • Yes it does!   Using the CRS 4.0 dongle, I was able to connect my ganglion on Windows VM.  It works with the OpenBCI GUI.  So hopefully I could possibly connect my ganglion to other windows applications in the future (i.e.  BioEra, BioExplorer).  @wjcroft : i have seen in another thread that ganglion drivers for these programs were done but how can I get them?  I have written to the developers but did not get any answer.
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    I suggest telling the developer YOU WANT TO BUY their app, but your purchase is dependent on getting a beta test version that supports Ganglion. They should at least give you a timeframe for release. My understanding is that the drivers already are working, but perhaps not yet announced.
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