Neurofeedback on Ganglion

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Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is any way to do neurofeedback with the Ganglion board? It seems like I can get all the readings I would need to do some simple 2 channel or even one channel training.

  • Just wondering if any one knows a software that can take this information from Ganglion, isolate a frequency (say 12-15hz) and reward the user when amplitude is increased in this bandwith?
  • I looked into Pete's Brain Trainer software but it doesn't say it supports OpenBCI and it's a bit pricey. Am I naive to assume that somewhere out there is a software that can pick a specific frequency from the raw data and feedback to the user using the Ganglion?
Any help you can give me is much appreciated! 


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    The developers of the Bioexplorer and BioEra neurofeedback software are currently working on drivers for Ganglion. And already have support for Cyton. Could be a month or so. Be patient.

    Eventually hoping for neuromore support as well. But neuromore Studio is in flux and currently not available for newcomers.

    Pete's Brain-Trainer is the best approach for home neurofeedback.

    Software that can input from LabStreamingLayer, such as OpenViBE, may already work, if OpenBCI_GUI can output in LSL. I believe that was the intention for V2 GUI.
  • celticharpcelticharp Athens, Greece
    Any news about neurofeedback software support of the Ganglion board?
    Does the current version of the OpenBCI GUI now outputs in LSL?
    Thank you.
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    BioEra and Bioexplorer both have drivers in beta test phase. Ask the devs if your can get an early release.
  • celticharpcelticharp Athens, Greece
    Thanks! :)
  • Hi celticharp, let me know if you have any luck getting the Ganglion to work with a neurofeedback program. 
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