Plans for Ganglion to be stackable?

calebcaleb Milwaukee, WI
I'm considering ordering the Ganglion board and Ultracortex Mark IV... I see that the Ganglion only has 4 channels, so I was wondering if there were any plans to make it possible to, say, order a 2nd Ganglion board in the future and stack in similarly to how 2 32-bit boards can be stacked to get 16 channels?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    edited October 2016
    Caleb, hi.

    The 8 channel board is not exactly "stackable", rather it was designed to accept the Daisy which is basically a 2nd ADS1299 ADC, with no processor on the Daisy. Both ADCs are sampled by the single PIC processor on the mainboard.

    So as well, the Ganglion mainboard is not stackable on another Ganglion mainboard. But it may be possible to design another type of Daisy or shield that would ride on top of the Ganglion. I think the (now abandoned) tDCS shield was designed along those lines. One other constraint the Ganglion has is in the radio throughput of the Simblee processor. Which currently is setup for 200 sps, 4 channels, 24 bits/sample. With some amount of compression needed as well. So not enough spare throughput on the Bluetooth Low Energy to support more channels at those specs.

    My guess is that if you really want 8 or more channels, that you would be better off ordering the original board or board + Daisy.



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