DIY-Cyton: "Program flash failed"

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Hey guys. 
i've built my boards from scratch, and i'm finally at the last step - uploading the DefaultBoard.ino to the PIC. Every time i try, it gives me the "Program flash failed". All my libraries are correct, the board is within an inch of the dongle, i'm using a brand new MacBook pro (and have tried another), though i can't see to get it to work. The hints in the docs say "try increasing the poll time" though i can't find this anywhere in the firmware? is it still an option in V2?
If not, has anyone got a suggestion on what to try next?
Thank you!


  • I've just realised that when i try to program a simple void setup() void loop() sketch it flashes fine, though when verifying it says "error at address 1D0000FC: file=9D001248, mem=9D00125C". Anyone got any hints? :( 
  • Okay after refreshing the boot loader, it allows an upload of the small sketch, though still fails after uploading the actual openbci code. 
    Is it possible to flash the entire program with the Pickit? 
  • Any tips? 
  • ahsanicahsanic Islamabad
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    I am trying to upload code in cyton board, it says program flash failed......
    Programmer for Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers, Version 2.1.24
        Copyright: (C) 2011-2015 Serge Vakulenko
          Adapter: STK500v2 Bootloader
     Program area: 1d000000-1d1fffff
        Processor: Bootloader
     Flash memory: 2048 kbytes
      Boot memory: 80 kbytes
             Data: 59424 bytes
            Erase: done
    Program flash: ............................................................Program flash failed.
    An error occurred while uploading the sketch

    Help Anyone?
  • ajebulonajebulon South Korea
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    I tried updating the firmware of my Cyton board, and the program flash failed. Any idea why and how to fix this? @wjcroft

    I tried uploading empty sketch, it works, but the Cyton board should be really close to the USB dongle, otherwise it would fail.
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