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There is a "very big silence" in KS, so I ask here, what is the situation in the development of Mark IV, tDCS and gaglion board?


Jussi Jaatinen


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    As can be seen in the recent newsletter below, OpenBCI has been very busy with various outreach activities: XTech, Maker Faire, BCI Society Meeting / Conference, Neurotech NYC. As well as showing the tDCS prototype, Ultracortex Nova / Supernova, etc.

    I would not classify these activities as a "very big silence".  :-)  More akin to building bridges and opening doors...


  • Yes, but you promised monthly updates....... :-)

  • biomurphbiomurph Brooklyn, NY

    We are getting the latest Ganglion boards in next week. They will be tested very soon after.
    Conor just got back from our manufacturing partner in Taiwan last week, and there is more development on the Ultracortex Mark IV design. 
    So there will be an update this month on our progress as well as new data from the Ganglion.
  • Hello everybody,

    are there any news about the delivery?

    Thanks for your answer.  I´m getting a bit nervous and i´m full of anticipation to getting the device!

  • biomurphbiomurph Brooklyn, NY
    We are going to send out an update/newsletter this week with the details.
    Basically the Mark IV and Ganglion will be delivered in October. We had some issues with the Bluetooth throughput that have been resolved, and the injection molding of parts for the MarkIV just took longer to get under way than we anticipated.
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