Ganglion timeframe?

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When can we expect these will be available? 


  • Please update on when these will be available.

  • Where's the amp? 
  • If it is ok to share with public, can you let us  know what  would be the estimated delivery time  for the orders placed today?

    Unfortunately, I found about OpenBCI only recently, and missed the kickstarter campaign.  I have some free time before the end of the year, and I'm planning to work on some bio-sensing projects. If the deliveries are possible within the next few weeks, I prefer to buy this board instead of building my own.


  • Hi @obbrc,

    We are planning to start shipping the first boards at the end of the month. If you place your order now your board will be shipped at the beginning of December.

  • Thank you Andrea. I placed my order and looking forward to its arrival.
  • I can't believe I'm still waiting on this Ganglion board. Are there any new updates? We are already into December.......
  • Hi @erasmus,

    We posted a Kickstarter update on Friday regarding the boards!

    We received a 'Top of Production' from our manufacturing partners at Worthington Assembly (WAi) last week! They sent us 4 boards, and they looked great, however we found some manufacturing errors, which delayed the shipping of the Ganglion a few weeks. The problem was that the accelerometer IC was offset slightly from its pads on the board. We were able to re-work the chips and adjust their position here in our lab, and after that everything works just fine. Joel had a good conversation with the great folks at WAi, and they are making some adjustment to their solder paste application process. They did another production prototype run for us to review last week, and we got the new "Top of Production" batch this morning. Everything looks good so far, and if we don't find any problems we will initiate mass production and get you the board in the following weeks. 

    As a matter of fact we tested the adjusted Ganglion Board last week with the OpenBCI GUI V2! You can watch the video here.
  • Any idea if we will receive our orders before the holidays? 
  • I purchased a Ganglion in July. Can you please update us all on when these boards will be shipped and what seems to be the problem? Is it possible that you just didn't get my order even though I have an invoice?
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    This update is dated December 22 and gives shipping status,

    "We now anticipate having shipped all kickstarter rewards and pre-orders by January 13th, 2017. We will be shipping the first batch of Ganglions to our fulfillment center today!"
  • should I have received my board by now? Cause I haven't
  • I haven't received mine either. Sent an email to ask and I was told that all orders were going to be shipped by the end of the previous week(Jan-22). I was also told I would receive a tracking number when my package was going to be shipped. Still no news.. 

    By the way, if it matters, I have delayed my thesis project for 2-3 months just because I don't have the board...
  • I just received mine.
  • Did you get a tracking number when it was sent?
  • Ok thanks! Have fun with your board!
  • My board still has a broken accelerometer.
    I received mine late january or beginning of february.
    I want it fixed. There are no values at all from the accelerometer, yes I enable it in the gui, just flatlines.

    Who do I talk to, to get this fixed?

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