Will the Ganglion be compatible with the Ultracortex Mark 3?

BeauSBeauS Iowa
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I know it's compatible with the Mark IV, will this setup allow me to use the Mark 3?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Yes, in general, ANY EEG amplifiers (even those not from OpenBCI) are compatible with ANY electrode setups. Assuming you are using passive electrodes, which is what the Ultracortex is doing with the dry combs.

    The mounting dimensions of the Ganglion are the same as the V3 boards currently sold. I think some of the photos on the main site even show the Ganglion mounted on the Mark 3.

  • So I won't have to use the Mark IV with the Ganglion and the tDCS shield? The mark 3 is on github, so i have somebody 3d printing the parts and look to build my headset while waiting for my boards. 
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
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    OK, now you're asking about the tDCS. That's another situation, and requires replacing one or more of the electrode sites with a saline conductive pad, rather than the FRI dry combs. It has not yet been finalized how the electrode swapping in the Mark IV will work. Possibly will use some type of plug-in arrangement. Currently Mark III is using screwed-in, and gluing the two halves of the electrode holder. See the thread on Mark III-IV feedback / priorities for more discussion on the electrode holders.

    However whatever final electrode holder scheme is devised for Mark IV, will conceivably be backward compatible with the Mark III. So you may be able to fit tDCS pads into your Mark III. @conor_obci may have more comments. Since the photos on the main site already show the Ganglion mounted on Mark III, it likely will be compatible.


  • Okay I didn't know about the tDCS using a saline conductive pad, might they be purchasable later on the site? Is this what you are referring to on the electrode holder scheme?
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    I have not seen yet what the tDCS shield kit will contain, it may have the complete electrodes, or they may be an addon, such as the EEG electrodes.

    There are lots of articles online on how to do simple tDCS yourself.


    The typical electrodes used are saline soaked sponges. Amrex makes a range of holders that is frequently used,


    You don't want to use TOO small an electrode area, because the (1-2 milliamp) current then will be more concentrated and potentially felt more sharply.

    I believe the idea with the Ultracortex IV is to have a way to mount some type of tDCS electrodes inside the headset. I have not seen yet what that looks like.

    For my own tDCS setup, I use the Amrex holders with McKesson hydrophilic foam sponges,


    These work better than the Amrex sponges or most typical sponges that have irregular / various shaped holes on the surface. These sponges are extremely fine surfaced, and similar to what are used in tDCS clinics.

    The current source I use is a constant current iontophoresis unit called the ActivaDose II,


    The idea of the Ganglion tDCS shield is to bring the cost down as well as potentially provide programmability and integration with the headset.

  • I have mild cerebral palsy, is the tDCS shield worth a try for $50? The ActivaDose 2 looks like a beast, but less affordable.  
  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    Beau, you should do your own research on tDCS applications to your situation. I do see there are a fair amount of papers and studies in this area,

    Note that OpenBCI technology is not a medical device and cannot make medical claims. I'm sure you have investigated many areas and modalities in your research.
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