BCI enthusiasts in India?

Hi all,
Is there any group in India, learning and collaborating in BCI. If not anyone interested to start?

Deepthi Chand.


  • Hello Deepthi,

    We are a group here at PESIT,Bangalore exploring using the openBCI board for Motor Imagery Measurements. What about your interests in BCI?

    Best Regards,
  • @rsastry Hi im from bangalore too, I am trying to fabricate the pcb and assemble the components of openbci

    You guys have purchased or fabricated, any inputs about the performance and usability ??

  • HI all,

    i am Omkar from Mumbai. I am VR/ AR developer and interested to integrate the open BCI kit to Oculus Gear VR/ Oculus Rift/ Microsoft hololens. I am basically a game developer and quite keen to integrate VR/AR with BCI.

    Please let me know from where i can purchase the kit or how i can build by own or form any team to make this BCI.

    [email protected]
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    Hello everyone,

    Im excited to see these posts. The cross between VR/AR/BCI/Myosensory is something I definitely plan on getting involved in whether it be research or for fun. I currently have a degree in neuroscience and working on computer science to work with biotech company (hopefully in silicon valley, but uncertain). If anyone would like to talk about the future of field, possible ideas, or even international business platform, Id love to hear from you.


  • Hi,
    I'm a 4th year Electronics engineering student from Goa who's just purchased the openBCI board to use in my final year project. Interested in exploring the platform as well as working on any cool stuff. 

  • Hi I am a Physical therapist based in Jodhpur Rajasthan. I am looking to build a EEG based functional electrical stimulation device for stroke patients.
    As I am not from a technical background I will greatly appreciate if anyone of you can help me assemble all the right hardware and software for it.
    I wish to make it wireless for more comfort to the patients.

    We can even have some AR/ VR applications using leap motion hardware and hand gloves which can provide haptic feedback to these patients for sensory stimulation.

    Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    [email protected]
  • If anyone has a spare working kit and is ready to sell within india please mail ASAP.
    [email protected]

  • Hey guys can anyone tell did anyone pay custom duty when they ordered openbci products and how much percent?

  • Hey, can we buy openbci hardware in India.

    [email protected]
  • joeartusojoeartuso United States

    @rakeshbci01 -- Yes! OpenBCI ships globally. You may have to pay customs fees.

  • Greetings from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - I have been searching for BCI projects and came to know about OpenBCI. I am a Software Developer and had experience on arduino boards in past so looking to perform some DIYs at home and see how these stuffs work. I would be happy to be a part of any research or just fun experiments with OpenBCI. Please reach out to me if you have such opportunities.
    Nirav B

  • Anyone in India looking to buy OpenBCI Cyton + Daisy Board and/or Mark IV EEG Headset can contact me.
    Name: Aman Shrivastava
    Institute: Korea Advanced Institute and IIT Madras.
    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: 9822694262, 7385844954

  • hushensavanihushensavani Ahmedabad, India

    Hello Everyone, join OpenBCI Community - India WhatsApp group.


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