Streaming data from the Ganglion Board to the Jetson Nano Board

seniru1213seniru1213 Battaramulla,Colombo,Sri Lanka

I tried to stream data utilizing the Ganglion board into the Jetson Nano Board but i cant install the OpenBCI_GUI since it is not supported by ARM architecture. Can we stream the values using the pyOpenBCI instead.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    @seniru1213 said:
    ... Can we stream the values using the pyOpenBCI instead.

    Do not use pyOpenBCI. That repository is deprecated, no longer supported. The '-archive' in the URL string means no longer supported.

    Instead use the Brainflow library and example programs.

    You may have to build / compile the library on your Jetson platform. Similar to what is done for Raspberry Pi. It is known that the Pi version works. If you have further questions, join the Slack forum on first page link above.

    It's remotely possible you could build the GUI on the Jetson, but not recommended because it is underpowered for this. However the Brainflow examples should work perfectly.


  • seniru1213seniru1213 Battaramulla,Colombo,Sri Lanka

    How do i connect the Ganglion Board to the Jetson Nano i cant do it with Bluetooth since the device does not get recognized by the Jetson Nano Board even though the necessary drivers were installed

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    You can use either the dongle or the Ganglion Native board type. See earlier link on SupportedBoards. The Native version uses the Bluetooth hardware built into your microcontroller.

    Regarding the dongle, are you SURE the serial port is not showing up? You should be looking in the Linux /dev directory for one or two files that appear / disappear as the dongle is plugged / unplugged. Name will start with tty or cu. You want the cu version.

    If you have other questions on building the Brainflow library for Jetson ON the Jetson, please post on the Brainflow Slack, you sight up with link on this page,


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