Let the magic smoke out of the charger, now terrified of bricking my Cyton

I want to use the my new Cyton board for a home PSG, but with the default 500 mah battery I'm only getting about 2.5 hours before it dies.

So I tried to upgrade the battery. I don't know much about electronics so just opted for the biggest one with the most reviews I could find, and ended up with https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08215B4KK. I did find some recommendations on this forum saying any of the Adafruit batteries are fine, but those are less easy to get hold of in the UK.

But as soon as I plugged it into the Adafruit micro lipo charger that came with the Cyton, the charger started smoking!
And after reading up a bit more, I now understand the importance of checking battery polarities, and can see that the red and black wires on this battery are reversed from the 500 mah one.

But I'm now still kinda terrified of bricking my Cyton through using an incorrect battery.

So could someone please confirm if the issue was indeed the battery polarity, and if this alternative battery will be fine? https://www.amazon.co.uk/CITYORK-2000mAh-Lithium-rechargeable-Connector/dp/B0BJKK1JHQ
Or is there a better alternative (preferably slightly higher mah as I think this will only give 10 hours) that I can easily get in the UK or from Aliexpress?

I really don't want to kill my Cyton!


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Graham,

    No, the Cyton power inputs are protected by a diode. So even if you use the wrong type of LiPo battery polarity, it will not harm the circuits. However be careful with the charger it might have been damaged by the reversed polarity plug you used. You can always compare the plug wiring with a known good battery. If red and black are reversed at the plug, that can be fixed by a 'kludge' of cutting the power wires and re-splicing in the correct configuration.


  • Thank you @wjcroft, that's reassuring. I was already planning on discarding the charger as I suspect (from the smell and the smoke) that it is irretrievably fried. I don't feel confident on adjusting the battery leads so I will just use that for a different project, and order the linked ones above instead. The wiring for those does look to match the existing 500mah one, so fingers crossed.

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