Ganglion vs Cyton - motor imagery project

Hi guys,

Currently I'm planning to do a small project where I could combine programming, engineering and EEG.
I'm a software developer and a mechanical engineer and recently got interested in brain activity and neuroscience.
I've been wondering if it's possible for me as an amateur to get imagery from the motor cortex areas that correspond to both arm movements. I would like to write a software to do some experiments using both arms. I'm curious how many electrodes would be sufficient for that task.
I'm wondering whether it's not too difficult for a start.
It's my first project in that area so I don't have experience in EEG. If you have any advice or ideas I would be happy to hear it.
My primary goal is to get as much knowledge about EEG and brain activity as possible. And to combine my experience from other areas with neuroscience.
But my ultimate goal is to gain experience in the subject and then find a team, a project or a company that needs someone with my qualifications. After years of experience in industry I have realized that I want to work on innovative and creative projects.
Thanks in advance for your advice.


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