Problem uploading PIC32 firmware

I'm making my own cyton and dongle board and I got an error when uploading the PIC32 firmware and I don't know how to fix it.
Here are my steps:
1. Download the pcb file according to the information on the official website, and perform board making and patching. My boards are OBCI-cyton 32bit and OBCI-dongle.
2. Comparing the schematic diagram and the pcb, it is found that there is a problem with the resistance of R11 and R10 of the cyton (schematic diagram: R10-10k, pcb: R10-1k; schematic diagram R11-470k, pcb: R10-1k); there is a problem with the R5 of the dongle. (schematic: R5-1k, pcb: R5-330)

3. Use a heat gun to replace the patch on the board with a resistor with the same value as the schematic.
4. Upload firmware according to the tutorial in Cyton Radios Programming Tutorial | OpenBCI Documentation
4.1. Download and install arduino1.5.8, and configure the OpenBCI_Rfduino repository
4.2. Insert the dongle, select RESET on the switch, and upload RadioPassThru32bit. Successfully, the blue LED light on the dongle flashes.
4.3. Connect the dongle and cyton as shown in the figure, select GPIO6 for the dongle switch, select BLE for the cyton switch, and upload RadioDevice32bit successfully.
4.4. Select RESET on the dongle switch and upload RadioHost32bit. If successful, the blue LED light on the dongle is always on.
So far, the process of uploading the firmware seems to be very smooth. After inserting the dongle, the blue LED light on the dongle is always on, but the blue LED light D1 on the cyton has not been on. I suspect that the two Rfduinos cannot match, but I I'm a newbie in this area and don't know how to verify it.
5. Next, I attempted to upload firmware to the PIC32 on the Cyton, following the Tutorial in Cyton Board Programming Tutorial | OpenBCI Documentation
5.1. Download and install arduino1.8, install OpenBCI_32bit_Library, OpenBCI_32bit_SD, OpenBCI_Wifi_Master and other libraries, and install ChipoKIT kernel firmware according to the tutorial
5.2. Select OpenBCI 32 as the motherboard, select DefaultBoard from the example, and select GPIO6 for the switch on the dongle.
5.3. Insert the Dongle, turn off the cyton power, and select the COM port
5.4. Follow the tutorial to put Cyton into bootloader mode:
5.4.1. Turn off the power of the OpenBCI board.
5.4.2 Press the RST and PROG buttons simultaneously.
5.4.3 Turn on the power of the OpenBCI board.
5.4.4 Release the RST button while still holding the PROG button.
5.4.5 Release the PROG button.
At this time, the problem occurred, the blue LED light on the 32-bit board did not flash as expected, but remained off
5.5. When attempting to upload the firmware, it failed as shown in the screenshot.

6. Check
I used a multimeter to check all the circuits on the board and found no problems. The DVDD and GND voltages of PIC32 were both normal.
I suspect that when uploading the Rfduino firmware, the two boards failed to successfully match, or that a component on the circuit board was damaged.

Now, can you tell me what might be wrong and what should I do next? gratitude!


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