AliExpress Cyton Knockoff for sale $200 OBO

nickynicky Massachusetts

Hi there.

I lost the wireless USB dongle for this thing.

I don't know if it actually works.

It lights up and apparently they work if you use SPI (?) in a wired configuration, but I can't vouch for that.

I bought this on AliExpress a couple of years ago and messed around with it for a while with no success.

Then it sat in a box until now.

I don't really care about the money I spent, I just want someone to put this to better use. So, send me an offer that isn't nothing and I will send it to you.

Email is nicky at eegworld dot com

It's not damaged, so if they generally work while wired then this one probably will too.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA
    edited March 14


    The reason these Chinese units do not work, is that they depend upon the "Wifi Shield" board. That board was removed from the Shop pending re-engineering. It never worked reliably with Cyton. Although it did work well with Ganglion. One suspicion was that the Cyton firmware was overstressing the Shield microprocessor (ESP8266), causing power supply surges and lost packets / noise. A related thread documents what was happening with the power supply:

    Unfortunately that thread above suggested a possible kludge / fix, of adding extra capacitive filtering to the Shield power supply. But that never really worked and does not address the root problem of the firmware overdriving the ESP8266 chip. The Chinese clone maker, being clueless, just added a capacitor and never even tested his system. Remarkable and sad story.

    If you want genuine working OpenBCI boards, buy them from the Shop page.

    A "Cyton V2" is on the todo list, which will include up to date wireless support, so no 'Shield' needed. However the entire engineering staff is busy with the Galea project and Cyton V2 has to wait in line.


  • Hi @wjcroft
    Do you know anything about the functionality of the bluetooth versions sold on aliexpress?

  • nickynicky Massachusetts

    Thanks for the input @wjcroft
    I am indeed regretting the purchase and wishing I had spent more for the real thing.
    Costs a lot to be cheap !
    I'm moving soon so if somebody wants this thing, you don't have to offer much more than the cost of shipping and it's yours.

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