OpenBCI Driver for Linux?

When downloading the src for OpenBCI, it says something about needing a driver, but there is no information for Linux systems. Is it required to use the application? Can I run the app without any drivers and be okay?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Please re-read the page. Linux does NOT require the dongle driver from FTDI.

    For OpenBCI Cyton and Cyton+Daisy users, please install the appropriate driver provided by FTDI. This installation is required to connect to the Cyton and Cyton+Daisy on Windows. This is not required for Linux operating systems. Older Macs also require this driver, though it may not be necessary for Mac OS 12 and 13.

    For more information on this software, please visit the FTDI website.

    First-time users should also review the FTDI buffer fix steps in our Troubleshooting docs.

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