Why Neuromore never received more love?

I always wondered why Neuromore Studio never received more love from the Open BCI community. I find it one of the most modern software out there and the community edition is great for starting out. Obviously moving protocols from BioEra or BioExplorer was never an easy task, but references to Neuromore are almost nonexistent (despite they were probably one of the first to introduce OpenBCI straight away on release almost 1 decade ago)


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Louen,

    Neuromore is mentioned prominently in the docs area on third party apps.


    And there are a number of pages here on the forum (using the "Google Advanced Search" button in upper right):


    No one uses Bioexplorer because it was never supported for OpenBCI boards. Although that was attempted by the Bioexplorer developer, Larry Janow. It stalled. BioEra is wonderful, but learning curve is challenging. They do have a forum.


  • From my personal view for example, I am very new to this topic and thinking with the devices from OpenBCI in spare time.
    So i have no financial gain at all or some company who pays everything.
    When I come across there page it really liked what I saw, but there was no free download nor a real price tag.
    And it seems it costs another some thousand dollars.
    For that money I can pay someone to code some specific thing which I need and let it add to an open source program, in my opinion.

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Pinky, thanks.

    However it IS free and on all 3 platforms: Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.



  • stellarpowerstellarpower Scotland

    @SirLouen I've made a number of commits (actually, many many, but mostly locally because they're so messy) to Neuromore, as well as opened several issues. I agree, it's the best option I can see out there, unless you want to pay. Development doesn't seem to be moving much; one of their team was kind enough to have a couple of hour-long video calls with me to discuss some things, but otherwise many issues haven't been answered. I have a number of issues with how the code is organised, the build process, and some fundamental ones about the internals of the way they've designed it - so have gradually moved my implementation of protocols into my own code, it just can't cut it on the latency and is wasting a hell of a lot of CPU just sitting idle busy looping. And the code is such spaghetti it's like wading through a bog every time I do anything, so I gave up long ago on contributing any of these back any time soon, it needs a major refactor in my opinion before anything else. But, there's still some good stuff in there; I can't fault them for at least making it available. But as I've spent a good deal of time dissecting it and reworking things, if you have any questions or want some guidance feel free to reach out. I've learned a number of its quirks over the last year or two, so happy to help if I can. In a more literal answer to your question, it's a bit of a love-hate relationship ;)

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