EMG raw data different than Timeseries,how to fix it?

I am a graduate student using the Ganglion Board. The issue I've encountered during EMG signal testing is that while the results on TimeSeries display the data I want to retain, the data obtained using the built-in storage format OpenBCI-RAW doesn't match what I see on TimeSeries. Could you please advise on how to address this? Thank you very much.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Are you sure you are plotting the CSV recording file using the exact same bandpass filtering, scale, and notch filters as was used in the Time Series view? What package are you using to plot?

  • I used the session data from the OpenBCI GUI to collect raw data and referred to the OpenBCI documentation (setting up for EMG). I have set up the bandpass filter (20~50Hz) and notch filters (50+60Hz).

    I believe my issue lies in not knowing how to collect the correct signal data after filtering. Typically, I just copy the data from EXG Channel 0 and convert it into a waveform graph.

  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    So the two graphs (yours and GUI) are totally different? Have you applied filters before your own plot? CSV file is totally raw with no filtering.

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