Size question about headset

I want to buy a headset. The circumference of my head (measured from about 1 inch above my ears
) is roughly 57.5 cm (22.5”). Will the Med headset (48-58cm) be a good fit? Thanks!


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi ByHand, please email to (contact at and confirm you are making the correct choice. Note that on this page,

    It states:

    Picking Your Size (Head Circumference)
    Be sure to get the right size for your head! Obtain the circumference using a tape measure wrapped horizontally across the widest part of your head.

    Small = 42-50cm
    Medium = 48-58cm
    Large = 58-65cm
    The adjustable electrodes allow for overlap in the size range.

    So your image above does not appear to be positioned to the 'widest part of your head'.


  • byhandbyhand Oregon

    Thanks for replying William. You're right, it is off. Here's a revised image.

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