Cleaning Dry Electrodes (with snap connector)

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Hello for my setup I am using a combination of both the comb and flat snap electrodes ( Is there a standard for how clean them. I look through the documentation and didn't have any luck finding any information on cleaning them. Any advice of what I should do?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Bruce,

    In general 'cleaning' the dry silver chlorided electrodes is only needed rarely. So it may be best to not regularly clean them if they already appear clean. This page on a related product, has a section on cleaning at the very bottom.

    According to the manufacturer, each electrode has a lifetime of ~10 uses. After this many uses, the conductive electrode coating may be compromised IF the electrodes were not maintained. Recommended maintenance means gently cleaning residue (only if visible) with water, followed by a rinse with deionized water, then drying completely before storing in a dark, low moisture container. Care is important for ensuring the integrity of the conductive Ag-AgCl coating.


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