Using two cyton+daisy boards with one brain + one computer

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I would like to two pairs of cyton+daisy boards with one brain, connected to one computer. Has anyone done this before, and if so, did you use BrainFlow for the signals? What is the best way to get+process (in terms of hardware and software) all the signals from both pairs?


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Soul,

    When you use any of the boards (Cyton, or Cyton+Daisy, or even Ganglion), ALL of the channels are sampled at the exactly same moment in time. Separate boards cannot have this level of synchronization because the clock signals are not shared between separate boards. (Daisy inherits clock from the Cyton it is attached to.)

    But if you are willing to live with the sample skew, yes you could write a Brainflow program to sample both boards at once. Likely using separate threads. With Cyton, be sure to set the 'radio channel number' to be different for each board.


  • retiututretiutut Louisiana, USA
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    Could probably also be done using two GUIs on one machine. You would also need to separate the two dongles physically by greater than 1 meter to reduce packet loss. Then connect/start-session one at a time. I've done this before with two computers in my office, so it's very possible. Like William said, you'll have to make peace that the data will not be perfectly synced, but it will be really close.

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