Timestamps in meditation sample data

Hi, these are the time stamps from the EEG_Sample_Data meditation file, from sample 0 to 10. I'm wondering why there are usually two samples per millisecond. This pattern continues through the file.
12:14:49.064, 12:14:49.071, 12:14:49.071, 12:14:49.079, 12:14:49.079, 12:14:49.089, 12:14:49.089, 12:14:49.093, 12:14:49.100, 12:14:49.100, 12:14:49.108


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Hi Mary,

    The Ganglion radio data packets are sent by the board 100 times per second, and contain TWO samples in each packet. Thus the data rate is 200 Hz.


  • RedblindmaryRedblindmary Portland, OR


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