Packet Loss Issues

I am currently working with a new Ganglion board in a research lab and am running into issues with packet loss. After connecting the board to my laptop with a BLE112 Dongle and starting a session, there is a 98% packet loss rate, which is causing me not to be able to make any readings. I have added screenshots of the packet loss and readings after letting the session run for a while. The first image is after connecting with the dongle, while the second image is after connecting via my laptop's native Bluetooth. I have tried running a session in a less noisy environment and I still get the same result. Also, after letting the session run for a while, the first channel begins to show an ECG reading while not being connected to anything. I am not sure if this is a default reading or if the board is faulty. I was hoping that someone would be able to provide some advice on how to fix this problem. Thanks.


  • wjcroftwjcroft Mount Shasta, CA

    Have you tried contacting Customer Support (contact at ?

    A common suggestion for reducing packet loss is,

    try using a usb extension cord for the dongle, and drape the dongle / cord over a nearby monitor to get it away from the table surface / laptop / desktop etc.

    Channels must be connected to a subject to have any meaningful output. Otherwise you are just picking up EMF electromagnetic field noise in your area. What subject connection are you using? I also notice you have a 50 Hz notch filter set. For US you want a 60 Hz notch.


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