How do I connect my VS Code python to the OPENBCI GUI

OliverChenOliverChen United States
edited September 2023 in Software

I am using the Python Get Data from a Board that BrainFlow themselves offer. I am trying to make it so it is getting data from a PlayBack File, this way I can develop an AI that can predict motor functions based off the data. For some reason I keep getting this error. How should I proceed?

"usage: test2 [-h] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--ip-port IP_PORT] [--ip-protocol IP_PROTOCOL] [--ip-address IP_ADDRESS]
             [--serial-port SERIAL_PORT] [--mac-address MAC_ADDRESS] [--other-info OTHER_INFO]
             [--serial-number SERIAL_NUMBER] --board-id BOARD_ID [--file FILE] [--master-board MASTER_BOARD]
test2: error: the following arguments are required: --board-id"


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